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Our initial aim when starting ETHCS was to provide ethically and sustainably made alternatives for the consumer, ensuring that if a new clothing choice was deemed necessary, it could be one that isn't to the detriment of the planet and the beings that live here.

Every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill. Throwaway fashion is putting increasing pressure on our planet and its people, and we also want to help change that.


That's why we launched our buy-sell-trade scheme, where existing ETHCS items can be sold back to us, and put back into circulation.



Do you have pre-loved ETHCS (or even Ethics and Antics) items?

A classic yet rare piece that could benefit someone else?

Whatever the item, whatever the age, you can sell it back to us. Here's our simple 4 step process


Underwear items are not applicable. Any other items not categorised here, please enquire at

Let's help slow down unsustainable fashion together.